Looking for the most secure storage space for your items after your upcoming move? Or are you travelling abroad and need storage for your items or furniture you won’t be taking with you? Whether you are looking for storage for your items after your upcoming move or you are looking for storage for the belongings you are not taking with you to abroad, South Wales Removals have got you covered.

We will store your items in damp-proof containers and monitor it with CCTV cameras. We’ve got different plans tailored to your needs. So you can choose whether short or long term for your tailored storage service.

What makes South Wales Removals storage facilities special?

We provide you with the storage facilities you need to securely store your belongings for as long as you need it. Whatever the reasons you need storage facilities; whether you are renovating your house, moving or need to store seasonal furniture, we’ve got what you need.

Container storage

There are different reasons why you may need container storage. With our secure storage units and flexible storage services, we provide a range of solutions to help you create the room you need. Our storage facilities are secure, safe and climate controlled. Whether you need storage for the commercial or domestic purpose for any length of time, we can help you store your items without hassle.

We make sure your stored items are monitored 24/7 to ensure their safety. In fact, we’ve got a fleet of custom built vehicles to bring your storage to you whenever you want.

Business storage

Are you relocating your business and looking for a place to store your surplus items? Whenever you need to store your business items like leftovers, old files, etc., you can count on us to help you store your surplus office items safely.

In fact, if you have old unused IT equipment and excess stock to store or you just need to free up space in your office, you can use our storage facilities.

Student storage

When college or university students are on holiday, they worry so much about their belongings. You don’t need to worry about your belongings anymore because you can have them collected and stored by South Wales Removals. Our student storage service is flexible and students can easily store their belongings and collect them when needed.

 What you get with South Wales Removal Storage services

  • Tailored to your need storage
  • 24/7 storage monitoring
  • Tamper-proof containers
  • Fire protection system to protect your items always
  • Affordable storage facilities

You can talk to us for a tailored container today. With us, your belongings are 100% safe. Give us a call today.