When it comes to furniture and specialist item removal, you need experienced and well-trained movers. Specialist item is very difficult to move for many reasons but our well-trained movers can help you move your furniture and specialist item without hassle. In fact, our company is insured to move these special items across the UK.

Are you looking to move fragile items but not sure of the safety? South Wales Removals offers you safety guaranteed removals services. Whether you are moving a large pottery item, hot tubs, fridge, marble table, pool table, piano or furniture, we are always available to help you move all these specialist items to any location safely.

No job is too small or big for us; we take care of your items when moving them to another place. Whether you are moving a specialist item to a short distance or long distance, you can talk to us and we will be happy to help you. Even if it is just one item, you can call us to help you move it to any location in the UK. We may be able to combine your job with another job so the service can be more affordable.

Professional furniture removals

At South Wales Removals, we’ve got the most experienced and highly trained movers who can move your furniture professionally and carefully. Even if your furniture requires us to build custom travel crates to protect your furniture, we’ve got equipment and insurance cover in place to make this easy.

Specialist item removals

If you are looking to move specialist items such as piano, antiques, statues and art, South Wales Removals can help. Moving these delicate items call for more attention than just putting them into a box. We take extra care when packing, loading and unloading these delicate items.

We are proud of our specialist removals service because it is the first choice when it comes to moving specialist item and furniture. In fact, we are the choice of most auction houses and museums in South Wales because we securely package items, load them with care and transport items safely to any destination in the UK.

Aside from our neat and well-maintained vehicles, we provide packing materials like impact padding and anti-scratch blankets. The best part of our service is that it is affordable, efficient and reliable. Whatever the size of your item, give us a call today.